Digital Software Delivery F.A.Q.

How Do I Order Software?

Choose the products you want to buy and add them to the shopping cart. You do this by simply clicking on the "Buy" button next to each product.

When you click the "Buy" button, you enter the shopping cart - this is on a secure https:// type page. Here you can view or update the shopping cart. To add more products just click the "Continue Shopping" button and repeat the buy process.

If you need more than one copy of the same product, change the number in the "Quantity" field. This is where you can also enter a Discount coupon if available and click the "Update Cart" button.

Once you have decided on what you want to buy, click on the "Checkout" button and proceed with entering the billing and delivery information. Here you can also view the content of the shopping cart, including individual prices and totals.

Please fill in carefully all information required in the order form. A very important aspect is the e-mail address where you will receive all details about your order, together with future notifications from the software vendor and Avangate.

You can then choose between several payment methods and finalize the order. If you choose to pay by credit/ debit card and your card is enrolled in the 3-D Secure system, you will be asked for the 3-D Secure password as well. For more information about this, please refer to section Security.


What happens after I place the order?

After placing the order you will receive immediately an order confirmation via email. The license information is delivered via email at the specified email delivery address in a separate message along with special instructions on how to use it.

You should receive from Avangate at least 2 emails containing the payment receipt and the electronic delivery. If you didn’t receive anything from us, please check the Junk folder.


How can I cancel an order?

To cancel an order placed in the Avangate system, you must contact the software author from which you purchased the software.

The software author's contact details can be found by accessing Avangate myAccount and going to the "My Products" section. For each ordered product you will find support details of the software author under "Support information".

In case you contact us at directly with this type of request, we will send a notification to the software author, in which we will provide a given reason for the refund. Before canceling the order and providing the refund, we will have to wait for the approval of the software author. Also please note that Back-up CDs are non-refundable.


My order status is complete yet I haven't received the registration/activation key. Why?

After the payment is complete, you will receive the payment confirmation and the licensing information, in separate email messages.

If you have not received the licensing information email within a couple of minutes after the purchase, please also check the Junk (SPAM) section of your email, your SPAM filters might block the emails with the license code(s)/key(s). If you still do not receive our emails containing the licensing information, it might be also because your email manager blocks our emails; when this is the case, please contact your email provider for a solution.

You can also recover your registration / licensing information from the Avangate myAccount, My Products section.

There are cases where the delivery process is handled by PX Software. If the suggestions provided above are not a solution in your case, you may contact Avangate in order to get assistance.


How can I stop my subscription payments (cancel auto-renewal)?

When choosing to make subscription payments for licenses, you will be informed at the end of the subscription about the amount that will be subtracted from your account. You can stop the payments simply by logging in toAvangate myAccount, going to "My Products" area and by clicking "Stop automatic license renewal" beneath each product that has this option enabled.


I have lost my licensing information. How do I retrieve it?

In order to retrieve your license key you will have to access Avangate myAccount and go to "My Products" section. There you will be able to find:

  • License keys for complete orders
  • Download links for orders that also have included the Download Insurance Service


How secure is the online transaction?

Avangate Services are PCI DSS Level 1 Certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). PCI DSS is the most important security standard for the card payment industry. All transactions are made using a SSL connection (128 bytes) provided by Verisign . The data sent from your browser to Avangate servers is always encrypted. All Avangate servers are certified McAfee Secure and scanned daily by ScanAlert for known vulnerabilities. Additionally Avangate does not store any credit card sensitive information. Click here to find out more.


Why do you ask for personal information?

All information included in the order form is requested in order to prepare the invoice and to be able to send you all data regarding order and delivery. Avangate is legally entitled to collect personal data.

For more details, please read our Security/Privacy policy.

If you refer to an additional request for more information from the Avangate Risk-Analysis Department, this situation may have been triggered by certain inconsistencies present in the online ordering information provided. Our notifications are customized for certain situations and request all the necessary information that you need to provide in order to successfully finalize your order.


My card was not accepted. Why?

One of the reasons for a rejection can be:

  • Insufficient funds - it is necessary to charge your account or to extend current credit limit;
  • The server of the card issuing bank could not be contacted by our payment gateway;
  • Card issuer does not authorize eCommerce transactions - the issuing bank must be contacted and asked to activate this service;

We advise you to always call the toll-free number on the back of your card, in case you`re facing this issue.


Do I Need A Backup CD?

No, although some people like to receive a copy of their software on a CD which they can store indefinitely. We provide a backup CD for some applications in the store for a nominal fee.   We will supply you with a copy of your software and serial code on the backup CD.